Bringing Secondary Literacy to Life

Many know Dr. Doug Fisher as an accomplished author with a focus on literacy, but he is also an educator. Dr. Fisher has been teaching 9th grade English at Health Sciences High & Middle College (HSHMC) in San Diego, CA for over 8 years.

Dr. Fisher focuses on truly bringing literacy to life for his secondary students. He emphasizes, “I want students to be reading a lot and then talking about it so that when they write, they have an informed perspective on which to take a stand […] about what they want to say to the world.”

Complex texts, deep reading, careful reading, analysis and argumentation are key in CA state standards, and are described by Dr. Fisher as “non-negotiables” in literacy education.

Learn how Dr. Fisher and his colleagues at HSHMC have implemented StudySync® to address these non-negotiables to achieve success, and hear feedback from students currently using the program:

Explore StudySync for yourself at:

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