Changing the Game of Standards-Based Assessments

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Are you passionate about the Common Core State Standards? Or do you tend to go with the flow when it comes to politics and education? Maybe you worry about how changing standards could negatively affect a student’s education.

The emotional charge around our nation’s education standards is strong for good reason; the futures of our children depend on their education. As we navigate the ever-changing territory of national and state standards, educators are striving to find the best way to measure teacher and student alignment.

Opinions of the standards have grown even more as stakeholders struggle to place an appropriate amount of importance on assessment results. While standards-based assessments can help gauge alignment, one summative assessment at the end of the year cannot reflect a complete picture of the individual growth that occurs in the classroom, at home, and in daily interactions — all of which contribute significantly to a student’s progress.

How Formative Assessments Help

Serving as a bridge between that first day of school and the standards-based high-stakes exam in the spring (and everything in between), Acuity® College and Career Readiness (CCR) is a formative assessment system that gauges progress along the way. Formative assessments relieve the pressure of a single year-end performance by:

· Providing benchmarks that point toward educational goals

· Focusing on improvement rather than performance

· Offering teachers and administrators frequent insight to student progress

How Does Acuity CCR Change Testing?

While administrators, teachers, and parents search for the best way to measure educational success holistically, a formative assessment brings them insight beyond one summative exam. By aligning to the College and Career Readiness standards, Acuity CCR offers formative assessments and insights that gauge not only standards alignment but also true preparation for your student’s next steps.

Acuity CCR assessments deescalate political opinions around standards assessments by providing educators with more data points from which to gauge progress. Once students take the Acuity CCR assessment, Acuity’s advanced system provides next steps and college and career readiness -aligned content catered to each student’s unique needs. Acuity CCR seeks to serve the whole learning cycle as it:

· Aligns fact-finding to standards

· Identifies the next steps each student needs to take

Guides teachers and students to those next steps with standards-aligned content

We apply the science of learning to create innovative educational solutions and content to improve outcomes from K-20 and beyond.

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