Hi Judy,

Thanks for your close read of our piece, and for sharing your thoughts. See a response to your comment from blog authors Janet Pittock and Cassondra Corbin-Thaddies below:

We agree that the pinnacle of personalized education is where students collaborate with teachers to create goals and learning environments that move learners on their unique paths towards the kinds of essential expectations you describe. The movement toward that pinnacle will take time and change in infrastructure, materials, laws, and teacher education. We believe that providing tools that meet educators where they are on their path is helpful, and we’re always looking for ways to engage with educators, parents, and learners around plotting their paths towards better meeting each learner’s individual needs. The teachers and schools we highlighted in our article are acting on plans to move toward ensuring unique learning paths for students and we offer them as inspirations to others along the way.

— Janet Pittock, Curriculum Director and Cassondra Corbin-Thaddies, Director, Professional Learning

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