How to Prepare for the New Era of Standards: Online Interim Assessments

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Whether your school district is new to online testing or needs help preparing for summative assessments, your students and teachers could benefit from an online interim assessment solution. Online assessments that are administered throughout the year can give students an accurate measure of their progress and help teachers identify and address learning gaps. To see how a solution such as Acuity® College and Career Readiness (CCR) can help your school, take a look at how online assessments work and what sets Acuity CCR apart.

What are Acuity online assessments?

Acuity® CCR assessments measure student mastery of the Common Core State Standards. Acuity is the only assessment solution created using the same methodology, processes, and leadership that was used to create items that met the unique specifications of the PARCC®, Smarter Balanced, and other summative assessments. As a result, Acuity predicts performance on future summative assessments and tracks growth within and across school years. These assessments offer a wide variety of all new item types that have been field-tested and authentically written to Common Core State Standards.

Acuity online assessments are designed to help schools who are preparing for online summative assessments or who want to prepare using a fixed-form assessment. Fixed-form means that all students receive the same questions, regardless of performance on past questions. Adaptive testing [link to previous blog post], on the other hand, presents students with questions based on their performance on previous questions.

How does Acuity help school districts prepare for PARCC summative assessments?

Acuity CCR online assessments help teachers and students prepare for online and fixed-form tests in many ways. Acuity CCR has improved the assessment landscape by modeling the same item types, giving students an accurate understanding of the summative assessment’s format. Acuity CCR online assessments are computerized; they provide educators with data on student progress allowing teachers the ability to quickly identify student strengths and areas for further instruction. Acuity CCR also provides engaging instructional resources for extra practice.

To find out how Acuity can be used in your school district, learn more about online assessments on our website or watch our Acuity CCR online assessments webinar.

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