Implementing the Science and Engineering Practices with Ease

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At their core, the aim to grant students a deeper level of agency in their learning, by changing the way they think about science as a body of knowledge, and — importantly — the way they go about exploring and implementing that body of knowledge on their own. Under the new standards, science classrooms transition from the traditional “sage on the stage” model of teaching and learning, to a classroom driven by student-led inquiry, discipline roping, and STEM-based practical applications of science content.

As an educator, this new model might feel more aspirational than wholly attainable. That’s why we’ve taken additional steps to help you implement the , or SEPs, (one of the 3 components of ) which can be particularly challenging. At McGraw-Hill Education, we understand the importance of professional development and standards-aligned materials to support educators in their efforts to deliver effective instruction. Our , including Glencoe iScience for grades 6–8 and Glencoe High School Science for grades 9–12, are all designed to align with the new science standards and provide PD support for the SEPs and more.

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Beyond our curricular materials, we offer PD resources that will help teachers make that transition to student-driven learning, STEM career inspiration, and inquiry-focused teaching through SEP implementation.

Science and Engineering Practices PD Videos

The Glencoe Science programs include over twenty free professional development videos covering the eight SEPs. For each practice, there are multiple videos narrated by NGSS Writing Team member Dr. Carol K. Baker and her staff of experienced instructors showing the SEP in action with students in the classroom. Watch a sample video here:

Robust Online PD Offerings

In addition to the SEP videos, Glencoe Science programs offer a wide variety of online professional development resources including quick start and program mastery courses to help you teach with fidelity and increase student achievement. our website for more information.

To explore how Glencoe Science programs can meet your school’s or district’s needs and help you implement next generation science with ease, download the overview brochure →

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*Next Generation Science Standards is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards was involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.


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