Thanks for reading our post and for providing this thoughtful feedback. Textbooks are a deeply influential part of PreK-12 education and students’ learning experiences, and historically, they haven’t always contributed to making a safe or inclusive space for all students.

We are committed to making LGBTQ+ historical figures, contemporary leaders, and role models visible for PreK-12 students. We know there will always be room to improve, so we seek out diverse perspectives when constructing learning content, engage in conversations with educators, students, and policy makers about their needs and how we can be better allies, and strive to serve as partners to the educators that actively support LGBTQ+ students. Platforms like this also give us another space to hear from the public about where we can continue to focus our efforts, while providing educators with useful resources.

If you would be interested in writing a guest post for us or perhaps join in on a Twitter chat on how educational content can be more inclusive, please let us know. Thank you for the advocacy work you do for the LGBTQ+ community, and for engaging in discussions like these.

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We apply the science of learning to create innovative educational solutions and content to improve outcomes from K-20 and beyond.

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