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Join McGraw Hill Education at the Annual International Literacy Association Conference! Our booth, #2412, will have a variety of opportunities to converse with our experts and authors as well as win great projects. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should stop by our booth while spending your time at the ILA Conference.

1. Converse with literacy thought leaders.

Many teachers today struggle with understanding what exactly is ‘Teaching with Complex Text’. At the ILA conference, Tim Shanahan will be sharing with us what ‘Teaching with Complex Text’ is and how understanding the elements of text complexity can improve your classroom.

How are you currently implementing balanced literacy in the classroom? Come and hear more about instructional best practices from Kathy Bumgardner on how Balanced Literacy is preparing students for College and Career readiness. Below is the full of thought leaders that will be presenting at the McGraw Hill Education booth at this year’s ILA Conference. Visit a presentation and receive a free MHE tote bag.

Saturday July 9

11:00AM -Laura Justice- Importance of Print knowledge in PreSchool

12:00PM -Tim Shanahan- Teaching with Complex Text

1:00PM -Kia Ellis- Benefits of Project-Based Learning in an Intervention Classroom

2:00PM -Doug Fisher- Text Dependent Questions

3:00PM -Jeff Ohmer- 5 Activities for Engaging Students with Sound Spelling Cards

4:00PM -Linda Levine- Transforming instruction in a Digital World

Sunday July 10

10:00AM -Kathy Bumgardner- Best Instructional Practice in Balanced Literacy Classrooms for College Career-Ready Students

11:00AM -Kimberly Proby- Inquiry: the Who, What, When, Where, and Why

12:00PM -Kia Ellis- 6 Steps to Student Mastery with Direct Instruction

1:00PM -Jana Echevarria- Advancing Literacy and Language Development for English Learners

2:00PM -Jan Hasbrouck & Vicki Gibson- Equity of Access for Struggling Learners

Monday July 12

10:00AM -Brandon Harvey & John Slagle- Inquiry Interaction

11:00AM -Kia Ellis- Engaging At-Risk Students Through Technology

2. Attend a Product Demo and receive a connection kit!

Are you interested to see how some of most popular programs work? Lyndsay Levine will be demonstrating a Thrive Classroom Simulation. Thrive is a digital teaching environment with core content for English Language Arts, Grades 3–8. This product is designed for a teacher-led digital-learning ecosystem that provides a standards-based curriculum with tools teachers need to effectively and efficiently manage a dynamic digital classroom.

Stop by our booth where you can also see product demos for StudySync, SRA FLEX Literacy, Wonders, SRA Open Court Reading and many others. Attend one of the demos below and receive a connection kit!

Saturday July 9

10:30AM -Tim Reed- StudySync: From Low-Tech to High-Tech, Using a Blended Program

11:30AM -Wiley Blevins- Digital Exploration of World of Wonders

12:30PM -Brandon Harvey & John Slagle- Wonders: An Exploration of Text Complexity

1:30PM -Kia Ellis- SRA FLEX Literacy: The Project Experience

2:30PM -Kimberly Proby- SRA Reading Laboratory 2.0: Purposeful and Personalized Reading Practice Grade

3:30PM -Jeff Ohmer- SRA Open Court Reading: Engaging Students with Foundational Skills

4:30PM -Linda Levine- Thrive Classroom Simulation

Sunday July 10

9:30AM -Tim Reed- StudySync: Engaging and Inspiring This Generation of ELA Learners

10:30AM -Brandon Harvey & John Slagle- Wonders: The Blended and Flipped Classroom

11:30AM -Kimberly Proby- SRA Open Court Reading, Reading Laboratory 2.0: Purposeful Reading Practice for Workshop Time

12:30PM -Brandon Harvey & John Slagle- Wonders: The Blended and Flipped Classroom

1:30PM -Brandon Harvey & John Slagle- Wonders for English Learners: Digital Tools and English Learners

2:30PM -Brandon Harvey & John Slagle- Wonders: Digitally Forward Intervention

Monday July 12

10:30AM -Brandon Harvey & John Slagle- Wonders: The Blended and Flipped Classroom

11:30AM -Kia Ellis- SRA FLEX Literacy: The Digital Experience

3. Learn about strategies and solutions for English Learners.

Looking to learn more about how literacy is changing and how you can implement the changes quickly for the upcoming fall semester? Jana Echevarria will be attending the ILA Conference to speak about the advancements in literacy and language development for English learners.

Another great program that will be demonstrated at our booth is Wonders for English Learners. This product offers instruction specifically designed to create learning experiences that inspire confidence, increase student engagement, and build language skills. Lessons emphasize building speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to improve both academic and social language and accelerate progress in the core classroom. All instruction connects with core Wonders content, providing a seamless pathway for students to access content at their proficiency level, build understanding, and engage in the core classroom. Visit our booth at 1:30pm on Sunday, July 10th to see a full demonstration of Wonders for English Learners and receive a connection kit!

4. Be the first to see the newly released World of Wonders Pre-k and Wonders Balanced Literacy programs

This year we’ve launched two new additions to our trusted line of Wonders ELA solutions.

1. World of Wonders Pre-K builds strong pre-reading and social-emotional skills while incorporating math, science, social studies, music and movement. Make sure to stop by our product kiosk on Saturday July 9 at 11:00am to see Laura Justice present the importance of print knowledge in Preschool.

2. Wonders Balanced Literacy offers K-5 educators flexible resources to create or customize instructional paths for their units of study. To hear from an expert, come listen on Sunday July 10 at 10:00am from Kathy Bumgardner on the best instructional practices in balanced literacy classrooms for college career-ready students.

5. Engage with us and enter to win a Fitbit!

On Saturday July 9 and Sunday July 10, come by our Booth: 2412 and get a picture with us. Then, tweet McGraw Hill Education using #ILA 2016 #LiteracyForLife, and you will be entered to win a Fitbit!

The 2016 International Literacy Association Conference will begin July 9–11 in Boston, MA. Please visit for more information as well as register for the conference. Look forward to seeing you!

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